Family History of The Bowens

From 1831 to-date

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Timothy Marks was born in Roscrea in the County of Tipperary on June 18th, 1832.
His Parents were in the British Army.

In June 1849, age 17 years, he went to Dublin to join up in the 47th (The Lancashire) Regiment of Foot.   He transferred to the 6th Regiment of Dragoon Guards (Carabineers) in January 1850.   He transferred to the 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards in March 1852.

Timothy Marks - 1854
Private Timothy Marks

In 1854 he left England for active service upon the hostilities with Russia and for 2 years & one month he was "in the field".

He was made Corporal in August 1855 when his Regiment landed on the sands at Varna and this earned him an extra Penny per day.   Promoted to Sergeant in December 1855.

He went through the battles of Balaclava, Inkerman and the siege of Sebastopol.   In the battle of Inkerman he said that more men were killed than in the entire Boer war.   The day following the battle he was a member of a burial party which interned over 5,000 Russian killed.

He used to speak with pardonable pride of the magnificient work done by the Heavy Brigade, of their hand-to-hand fighting with sabre and pistol and their irrestible charges.

Crimea Stamp - 2004
British Post Office Crimea Stamp - October 2004 to commemorate 150 years.

Helmet Medals
Sergeant Major Timothy Mark's helmet and Medals as displayed in The National Army Museum, Chelsea.
The Plume was not worn in battle.   There is a sabre slash mark on the helmet.
Featured by Alastair Massie in his book "A Most Desperate Undertaking", page 103.
Published in 2003 by The National Army Museum. ISBN 0 901 1721 38 7.

He returned to Ireland in 1856.

Regiment sometime after returning from The Crimea
Regiment sometime after returning from The Crimea in 1856.

He married Ellen Bowen on April 7th 1859, I think in Ireland.   She was born in Nailswoth (Glos) on Aug 11th 1831. Her Mother was Hanna Bowen.   It is possible they were introduced in Retford while Timothy was on leave.

Benedicta Annie Marks was born in County Longford on Nov 12th 1861. (She is John Bowen's Grandmother)

 Mrs Ellen Marks, Wife of Timothy & Benedicta Annie, later Bowen
Mrs Ellen Marks, Wife of Timothy with Benedicta Annie, later Bowen.

Harry Marks was born in Dublin on September 20th 1866, (not 1888 as published in his Obituary)

He retired from the Army in 1876 with the rank of Sergent Major having completed 27 years and a few months service.   Apon his retirement from the Army, Sergt-Major Marks was appointed Drill Instructor to the Retford Troop of the Sherwood Rangers and served under Viscount Galway until June 7th, 1884 upon which date he severed his connection with the Regiment.

 Timothy Marks, 1900s  Ellen Marks 1900ish
Timothy and Ellen Marks in the early 1900s.

Timothy's Wife, Ellen Marks died 10th March, 1907 aged 75 years (gravestone says 77 years) while Timothy Marks died 16th March, 1907, aged 74 years.

Both are buried in Ordsall Parish Churchyard, Retford.

 Map showing where the Chuch is located  All Hallows Chuch
Map showing All Hallows Chuch and where it is located.
Photographs taken by Lorraine Bowen - August 2008.

Harry Bowen Marks died April 18th, 1936, aged 69 years. Harry had been associated with All Hallows Church, Ordsall, Retford, for 60 years.   He sang as a boy in the choir when the Late Mr F W Wells was the Organist & Miss Benedicta Annie Marks (Harry Mark's Sister) was the Assistant Organist.

 Grave March 2005
Grave found March 2005 by Mr & Mrs Green of Danbury.
Photograph taken by Michael Green.

Benedicta Annie Marks married Henry Bowen on December 26th 1891 in Prestbury, near Cheltenham.

They had two children, Arthur Henry Bowen, November 9th, 1892 (John's Father) and Dorothy May Bowen (1895).

Arthur Bowen in early 1893
Arthur Bowen in early 1893.

 Cleeve Hill
Benedicta Bowen, Harry Marks, Henry Bowen, Arthur & Dorothy Bowen on Cleeve Hill, near Cheltenham in the early 1900s.

 Arthur Henry Bowen  2Lt Arthur Bowen
Private (1915) and then 2Lt Arthur Bowen (1918) of the Army Service Corps
(before it became the Royal Army Service Corps).

 2Lt Arthur Bowen
His job during the War was to take a convey of lorries from Woolwich Arsenal loaded with large shells to the front line and bring back "walking wounded".   He used an Indian motor cycle with belt drive.
This photograph was taken at Thulium Brunch, near Cologne on 10th March 1919.

 Family group at Weston Super Mare, 1930s
Photograph of Henry Bowen, Dorothy (Wife of Arthur Bowen),
Ellen Bowen and Dorothy May Bowen at Weston Super Mare in the late 1930s.
Photograph taken by Arthur Bowen

Benedicta Annie Bowen died January 25th 1947 while her Husband, Henry Bowen died on 4th June 1950.
Both are buried in Prestbury St Mary's Churchyard against an East Cotswold wall to the left of James Murray.

 John Bowen with his friend 1940 Monkey as he is in 2008
John Bowen with his friend in 1940 and as he is in 2008.
Photograph discoved by Barbara and taken by Harold Collinson

John Bowen, REME at Mons Aldershot - July 1959
Private John Bowen, REME at Mons Aldershot - July 1959.
Taken before the Officer Commisioning Ceremony. Michael (now Lord) Heseltine is to the right of the Captain, John is to the left.

 2Lt John Bowen, REME, Married 6th May 1960
2Lt John Bowen married Pauline at Prestbury Church, Cheltenham in 1960.
John is wearing his Father's Sam Brown and his Adjutant's Sword.
2Lt Michael Dyson, REME, is Best Man.
Len Sumner (Aircraft Designer) is on the left with Arthur Bowen on the right.
Photograph taken by Beryl Dyson.

 2Lt John Bowen, REME at Arborfield, Berks in 1960
Photograph of 2Lt John Bowen, REME at Arborfield, Berks in 1960.
Photograph taken by Pauline Bowen

Arthur Henry Bowen died aged 69 on 13 June 1962 and is also buried in Presbury Churchyard.
Dorothy May Bowen died in 1981, a Spinster aged 84 years and is buried with her Mother & Father.

Golden Wedding Party at Plymouth, June 2010
John and Pauline's Golden Wedding Party at Plymouth, June 2010.
Photograph taken by Nigel Bowen, LMPA.

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